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Sunday, 17 April 2011


If youve watched my video you would have seen me throwing the kunai...Whats a kunai?Well originally it started off as a builders trowel in the old days of japan..
you have all heard of ninjas?Well these ninjas were very secretive,their lives depended on it,so they adapted their own weapons out of things they had around them,hence a simple trowel became a deadly weapon.With modification it became a close combat knife,a spear,it was also used to dig out holes in walls allowing the ninja access to his usually sleeping target,they even hammered them into walls and trees to help them climb,and of course in the right hands it could be thrown if needed.So as you can see it had many uses..
So i thought about it as a survival tool and decided to get some.It has its uses,much as it did centuries ago.I to now have an emergency spear,a skinning blade,a digging tool,a kitchen knife,and of course a throwing knife..These one i have are small and flat making them easy to tuck away in any survival kit etc....
So there you have it,the kunai,a simple trowel or a swiss army bush knife...

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Le Loup said...

Good one my friend. You can never have too many knives!