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Friday, 31 December 2010

A new year and an old year.

As my mind wanders back over the last year,i smile and remember all the experiences i have been fortunate to have..i remember the proud bucks in the fields in the summer,The feeling of being soaked in the early spring rains..Every year something new pops into my head,something to make,something to share,something i can pass on to others..This years unusual heavy snows has been quiet fun,zeus was in his glory,and i learnt snow,snow became my teacher,but just like an old year the snow has quickly passed..i seem to have my clothing sorted out now,and found wool to be the best answer,my capote is the best thing i have made,this combined with my deer pelt is a union in harmony...i find each years lessons much easier to understand,im learning the song of the universe,it sings quietly within me,and to understand it fully will take more years to come...My one thing that plays on my mind is that i may be seen as some kind of american native wanna be,but i feel that bushcraft and spirit should be shown together.My respect for other cultures and thier crafts is shown in my crafts,but i do not claim to be anything else than me....
My main aim is make my teachings entertaining and enjoyable,i think this is the best way to teach..it pleases me much when people say they have tried out things that ive shown,not because they have done it,but because they are out in the bush,and not watching a tv..
So what will a new year bring?I dont really plan ahead or make a schedule,i live the moment,and wait for a passing deer,or a guide to inspire me...
my thoughts go out to all my friends i talk to or who comment on my videos etc,i know without these people there would be no wolf in bushcraft...I have had thoughts on stopping making videos and blogging,but i think of my subscribers etc,and i feel maybe it would be a selfish act..perhaps i may pad off silently one day into the woods and walk my path with my wolf brother zeus,just me and him,sharing the moment,feeling the heart beat of mother earth in our hearts,as we have done since a time that is ageless..But not just yet..i still hear the calling,the calling which is eager to learn,eager to share,eager to hear the song.....

I wish everyone who reads my blog a happy new year,,remember to want for nothing and you will recieve much,to embrace the world as a child sometimes,To treat everything you see as if youve never seen it before...do this and each day will be a gift,a treasure waiting for you have..open your heart and recieve it,its your gift you are self...

Thursday, 23 December 2010

bone wind chime

Sometimes i have more bones than i care to mention..i like to use every part of any animals that i can,thats the way of things..even if its a simple Amulet,or a small carving on the bone..Here ive made a wind chime,i like the sound of bones clanking together,i hear this in the necklaces i make,so i thought id put a wind chime in my honouring corner..

Saturday, 18 December 2010

deer pelt

a good useful item,that can be worn inside my capote with fur inside,or wear it outside with the fur out is my roe deer pelt,i use it to sit on,and lay on,i even roll kit up in it and scout carry,i can also roll it up and put my hands in it to keep them warm.

bird net trap

im experimenting with a ground net trap,to see if i can trap a game bird..ive baited around and inside the net..

Thursday, 9 December 2010

special thanks.

It always reminds me that the world isnt just full of bad things all the time,sometimes things happen that remind me of the good things,and the good people that are out there..my friend who i have had good contact with through the internet al,(ghost of the woods),sent me my christmas present today,he has took the time to make me a possibles bag on the same model i saw he had,.i said i liked it very much and he offered to make me one..this is the second time al has sent me something..the last gift was my brass tinder box..He also threw in some animal fur and bits..All i can say is thanks al,you are very kind person,i wish you well..

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


ive noticed when it first snows there is not much activity by animals,They seem to let it fall, settle and when the worse is over they seem to move around more..This morning there were many tracks scattered around,they formed well in the snow that has now turned to ice.....i picked out crows, squirrels,and rabbits.
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