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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The arrow

Today most of my day was involved in the making of an arrow..I believe i take more time over one arrow than i do over a whole bow...The arrow represents an extension of myself,my will my intention...If myself falters then my arrow falters,so i must project myself into the arrow when making it..Then when the moment of letting it fly arrows i will be one with it..
i have been making what i call woodland arrows last season,these are arrows that require little range,more stalking and hiding is required and a quick snap shot,sometimes from the waist...
Ive encountered more and more field deer in my area,and testing the two flights over a three over distance ive found the two flight to waver more..so i decided to make some three flights to sit with the two in my quiver. Its always good to be versatile.

Monday, 26 July 2010


Got round to attaching a leather thong onto a sheath,..now i have a skinner to wear around my neck..i find this handy to use this way in the winter months,when wearing heavy clothing, a long jacket gets in the way of finding a small blade on a belt sheath,plus hoisting it all up to get to it causes heat to escape..
I also attached a small ferious rod onto the thong,so they go hand in hand,saves looking for it when needed..


To me ceremony is important,.i feel im giving something back..On the full moon i smoke a pipe and give thanks to mother earth for all she has giving me..its only a small gesture,but its something..

chalkland downs

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