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Friday, 28 May 2010

bracer and necklace

here are my bracer and trophy necklace..these were traded for my leuku knife with drak,my friend on my ex forums,and a good supporter of my youtube vids..we came up with the idea of a trade,and hope to do so in the future again..i think its a great way of communication,and a continuation of an old way of life.So readers of my blog etc,want to trade????
The bracer never had the fur attached,i added this myself for comfort,as the edge digs into your wrist as you bend it etc..The necklace has been added to,and i hope to continue to do so..

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I havent posted for a while,so i thought id just give an quick update..
most of my time out now is just flowing along with the season,i notice much and take note of little changes here and there...im still not sure about the swallows,they seem to be absent from places i know,ive stood on farm field corners and had them fly at head heigh,but this year nothing...even the swifts seem less in numbers...
Most of the spring nutrition is leaving many plants,i always say when they are flowering most of the goodness is in the flower,as it is pushing and pushing to be fertilised..the sorrel is becoming tougher,and the ramsom leaves more chewer,my attention is drawn now to alot of new leaves on the trees,and im waiting for the elder flowers..time to get heady on their scent...The corn in the fields is growing well,when its at the right height the deer will move into them,i know of a field where doe and young can be observed all day...
i still waiting to see mr buck in his summer coat...Rabbits are abundant the young hiding behind silly object hoping not to be seen.A glance in the trees sees baby squirrels with their silly little tails...
i havent any projects going on at the moment,but im being drawn more and more into primative bushcraft,i find this era fascinating...
I am supposed to be having a knife made for me,but it looks like this isnt going to happen...
Still im surrounded by flint,flakes and blades are every where,and the more the fields are ploughed by the farmer the more blades i have...
My thoughts turn to autumn already,im planning out what im to do,what to gather store,and of the nettles for my cordage..Hopefully this year i can produce a bow string and a bowdrill sting..i just have to work on my joining of the strands better..Any help on this would be great..well till the next time..

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Is spring late?

Well i wander over hill and vale,i roam the woodlands and see much.Many people walk with their heads down to the ground,frightened they are going to trip or tread in something..learn to feel with your feet,and keep your eyes on the horizon,then you may not miss much..Is or was spring late?well as an observer of signs,and intune with nature i would say the tides are slightly rolling in late..The birch produced sap within the usual time i expect,a good indicator that spring is coming,but each morning the cold reduced this to a trickle..deer are shedding but very slowly,im finding more shed hairs in scrapes.Alot of obstructions that force animals to go under or scrape against are not producing the signs of extra moulting fur i would expect to find,even rabbit fur isnt abundant on the fields(this comes out when they have spring nooky and fights)..badger sets donot seem very active,ive seen little sign of renewed bedding etc..bluebells were very late,and now ive only stated to get nibbled by the little midges..it answers my question of where are the swallows/which are usually here by now...they will be here soon because they know, even though they are thousands of miles away that there food is now available.(must be a midgy double agent somewhere telling them by phone)..the leaves on trees were late and so was budburst..grandfather oak is really still dozing,he seems reluctant to stretch out his long limbs on a very cold frosty may morning.So my conclusion is yes spring is later this year compared to last year,but what about twenty years ago?perhaps this time is normal?
We seemed obsessed with recording logging etc,i have to live with man made time,i wish i didnt.Mother nature never rushes things she is as old as time,she is time,that which we have lost, the animals still posses,they know to time and judge everything to within a micro second,failure to do so results in death.but ive never seen a robin or a roe deer wearing a fancy time piece..next time you are a walking,stop,listen with your heart,absorb all which is around you.See a tree become a tree,sit amoungst the grass and become a blade of grass,get wet as the grass is wet with the dew,see a flock of birds and fly with them..We were all children once,remember what that felt like..enjoy your time in nature..So do i care that spring is late or early?Not really,this morning i smelt the bluebells in the woods,thats all i need to know.............grimbo..
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