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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

my diy ulu video.


had a go at making my own ulu...

new roll bar snare

put in another snare today.

my old friend

In my winter are there is a roe deer buck who occupies the territory.ive had many an encounter with him.I know hes still around as i saw his bed and he left me his finger prints.He lays in his favorite spot on the side of a scrubby woodland slope,over looking his domain.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

flecktarn trapper hat..

picked this up the other day at the camden army surplus shop in London for 3 pounds...it ideal for my needs,it has a smaller sun shade which may stop me hitting my head on overhanging branches in the woodland,which i dont see when wearing a base ball type hat,the inner lining is pure wool,a bit itchy ,but breathable and warm when wet,it fits well too,the ear flaps can be worn down with a shemagh,something i cant do with larger trapper hats as the scarf will keep hitting the bottom of the hat forcing it to ride up and hence come down over my eyes,(very annoying).the inside of the earflaps is made from a softer wool,so its not itchy,and of course its flectarn,my favourite color scheme for woodlands and every where..

grimbo;s roll bar snare construction tips.pt 1.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change | IsumaTV

Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change | IsumaTV

shamans belt

Some shaman wear a belt on which are attached many spirit objects.He uses these in his journeys to other worlds.Each object contains the spirit of what it represents,or a masks being his spirit helpers/guardians.It a bit like us today wearing amulets as good luck charms. The shaman may have a small carved bow and arrow to bring luck to the hunt,a fish hook,and so on...
I spend a lot of time crafting certain items and i thought i would start my own shamans belt.I will add to it over time,or as my inspiration guides me..

Monday, 8 November 2010

shamans trance

A picture i drew,trying to capture a shamans expression of him as he is in a altered state,travelling to worlds we cannot..

Monday, 1 November 2010

soul catcher

When all herbal methods and other such healing aids fail,the shaman was usually called upon to see if he could heal the sick..The shaman would travel to other worlds with his special powers,and try to retrieve the soul which he believed was missing from the sick person..If he was successful he would put the soul into his soul catcher and on returning to the sick person blow it back into them...He also could put the a soul into his catcher if he was healing someone,he would purify them then return it to them after wards..

grimbo;s soul catcher.

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