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Friday, 19 August 2011

the long shadow

As nature pauses briefly,just to rest before the preparation of the winter to come,i too pause and take this time to write a little something..

Ive enjoyed what this summer has given to me so far,ive walked dewy meadows,watched swallows feed over swaying fields of barley,and deer rest in the shade.tWO new faces entered the dance this summer,the goshawk and the buzzard,these two have eluded me,played tit for tat for hours with me,my camera posed ready,just to shoot thin air.But with the patience of an older wolf i sat,walked and scouted until i filmed at the least the buzzards.What creatures of the sky,fearless,proud,bold,screaming out thier meow cry for every one to hear and those that should,... run..Even the crow had little effect mobbing them,when one was mobbed another flew to help,peace and quiet was defenitely not on the menu that day.But amid all this a great connection can be felt,each wave of chaos can be felt within if you listen carefully enough..The birds of prey are truely the warriors bird...
I played and am still playing my usual game with the tree people(squirrels).who gets the hazel nut first...im doing better this year,but not as good as they are..
I sometimes am amazed at the bounty nature gives,the apple tree laden with fruit bowing to passers by to take her gifts,but they blindly ignore her thier apples are selected by the best quality control the supermarket has to offer,(oh what tastes your missing)....
And so as i continue to walk i notice the sun is lower and shining right at eye level,The signs speak of autumn,of preparing for winter...The time of the long shadow will soon be here,and summers seeds will quietly sleep as a baby in the womb of its mother waiting to be born.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


If youve watched my video you would have seen me throwing the kunai...Whats a kunai?Well originally it started off as a builders trowel in the old days of japan..
you have all heard of ninjas?Well these ninjas were very secretive,their lives depended on it,so they adapted their own weapons out of things they had around them,hence a simple trowel became a deadly weapon.With modification it became a close combat knife,a spear,it was also used to dig out holes in walls allowing the ninja access to his usually sleeping target,they even hammered them into walls and trees to help them climb,and of course in the right hands it could be thrown if needed.So as you can see it had many uses..
So i thought about it as a survival tool and decided to get some.It has its uses,much as it did centuries ago.I to now have an emergency spear,a skinning blade,a digging tool,a kitchen knife,and of course a throwing knife..These one i have are small and flat making them easy to tuck away in any survival kit etc....
So there you have it,the kunai,a simple trowel or a swiss army bush knife...

grimbo;s pied woodpecker.