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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

predator alarm

it took some time to get it right but i cracked it in the end...


signs and new trap

ramsons are around.saw evidence of a bager fight this morning.Ive started alking around more rather than staying in my camp area,ive done most things to prepare it,but i want to visit old places,see spring coming in,the deer are moving around more,in relationship to the lunar cycle and the vernal equinox,see scat today in the pine woods..spent a bit of time at the camp made asquirrel trap out of the chicken wire thats lying around,just have to bait it probarly with bird nuts.


i won a competition a while back on shelter building,my prize was this excellent journal..so now im going to turn it into my book....all my trials and errors of bushcraft and tips will be in it...
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