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Saturday, 30 May 2009

another week

Its been a busy week,lots happening out there,yesterday i heard a cuckoo twice,but the foilage was to dense to see it,I went onto a golf course and saw alot of steam rising from a paticuliar area,i thought it may have been deer,but on stalking down to it a doe roe deer appeared on the far edge andstarted feeding,the sun was right in my eyes and my attempt to film it was thwarted..one day i will get a good camera,she got wind of me a few times but the german flectarn worked well..the deer have been moving around alot more since the weather has improved,but ive not seen any srapes latelty...on the flint side of things im curently roaming a farmers field and im finding bits and pieces..im not sure of the tools id,but they may be primative farm tools,one being a hoe.
and another being a sickle blade used for cutting wheat etc..ive been trying to put my mind set into the ancient people who roamed and must have settled into this area,i find a good way to do this is to leave metal tools at home and take only stone and antler,i made a series of videos covering my tools and talk about this more.I also managed to make a small functional knife,i based it on otzi the ice mans shape...traffic was terrible i waited ages for this snail to cross the road...these are roman snails,they go whiter due to the high chalk levels...
i came across a badger raid on an underground bees nest,this was easy to work out as the trail of dead bees on the ground as the stung the badgers thick hide and died..
im getting better at pressure flaking and have produced a point,my new antler flaker works very well although roe antler will not last as long as red deer etc..
here are my videos enjoy..

Sunday, 24 May 2009

flint,bird point,dog rose arrow..

made a nice light arrow....not been posting much as im out alot more and find sitting at a computer harder when the weathers nice..but im still doing my journal,i found a good worked flint scraper on a farm field.....The roe deer are moving around less ,im still waiting to stumble upon young...our weather although warmer is still a bit overcast and rain always threatens,but the birds get up every morning to sing,they dont complain so why should I?...The beech woods are cold,the lack of light is quiet depressing so im not staying around the campsite much now,anyway there is more to see and forage now,so being static is quiet boring..im still working on my percussion strikes on flint,ive found a few bits of jasper which shattter well,but the flake i produced had too large a bulbous edge,visited a pond which ive not been near for nearly a year,its been managed by conservationists,it look ok more light around it,so newgrowth will take place,i was actually searching for cattails but thier not there....more later....

Sunday, 17 May 2009

bone awl/needle

the awl is often overlooked in bushcraft,its a useful multi purpose tool,it can be use for hole punching,sewing,a tooth pick,removing splinters,fishing,an arrow head and a small weapon...
i cut this out of a huge marrow bone,and abraded it down quite thinly so i can so with it...

Saturday, 16 May 2009

work of art??

i cannot produce a work of art stone knife etc,but do you need to?around me is alot of flint,i can smash into a piece with my hammer stone and if im lucky i can get a decent razor sharp blade,when im finished with it i can give it back.

pouches and fommes

ive finished soaking my fommes tinder fungi,now im waiting for it to dry out,..
trapped a squirrel the other day,the meats so bland without seasoning..made a pouch from its fur..

Saturday, 9 May 2009

my shillelagh

this is what i carry with me most times as a sense of security,its a shame really that in this day an age such things have to be considered...

Monday, 4 May 2009

my journal

i thought id do a video on how i keep my journal,hopefully it may inspire others to do the same...

Sunday, 3 May 2009


i decided this year to really get back into my herbs,ive been experimenting with insect repellent,and also garlics etc,i know people in the usa follow this blog and i thought i would do a series of videos on uk or english herbs and useful plants in my area,these are the main ones i use..enjoy the videos and please respond with some of your own..

Friday, 1 May 2009

antler arrow straightner

made a straightner today,its handy to get out the little kinks in the arrow,just heat the arrow, gently spit on it and slide into the hole,by using the antler as a lever you bend gently,then hold until cool..
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