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Sunday, 24 May 2009

flint,bird point,dog rose arrow..

made a nice light arrow....not been posting much as im out alot more and find sitting at a computer harder when the weathers nice..but im still doing my journal,i found a good worked flint scraper on a farm field.....The roe deer are moving around less ,im still waiting to stumble upon young...our weather although warmer is still a bit overcast and rain always threatens,but the birds get up every morning to sing,they dont complain so why should I?...The beech woods are cold,the lack of light is quiet depressing so im not staying around the campsite much now,anyway there is more to see and forage now,so being static is quiet boring..im still working on my percussion strikes on flint,ive found a few bits of jasper which shattter well,but the flake i produced had too large a bulbous edge,visited a pond which ive not been near for nearly a year,its been managed by conservationists,it look ok more light around it,so newgrowth will take place,i was actually searching for cattails but thier not there....more later....


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

I really like your blog, and have added you to my blog roll. Keep 'em coming

grimbo said...

thanks i will do my best..