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Saturday, 4 July 2009


well my camera finally died.
With the weather so hot im out much more..
my main project at home is my yew bow...ive tillered it to 28inches but cannot weigh it...
This bow so far is the best ive ever done,the quality of yew for bow wood is great,ive even managed to put slight recurves in the ears,ive built up a nice handle,and now im in the process of fine tuning it,i shot some arrows off,but its power was still too much so ive had to thin the limbs more........
The area that i roam is full of life now,butterflies mainly hegde browns and purple hair streaks carpet the grasses,these grass areas hide the deer,i managed to stalk up to a good buck yesterday..
it will be the rut soon,i hope the sound of it will lead me to them...well off now to tune the bow.................
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