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Thursday, 4 February 2010


This years winter has been demanding..heavy rains,very cold temperatures for the uk,i recorded -12 one day at my camp area.
I found myself wet through on a number of occasions,and even resulted to using an old rangers coppicing fire to dry off.I found it difficuilt to sit and enjoy nature in the rain,even the trees make you feel unwelcome.
i swapped clothing around,and found the only option would be more expensive clothing.im currently looking at some sort of parka,or maybe a swandri long ranger coat...I a woollen hat useless as it just stretches and hangs limp,ive now invested in a trapper hat.ive also brought a new shemagh, see previous postings..When im moving around i hate the restriction of a large coat but it seems this is the only option.
My german para boots failed miserably,and i ended up using my hitec hiking boots..the para boots were rubbish in the cold..
I hate the idea of having to buy expensive clothing to be warm and dry,the free way of getting furs and wearing them is frowned upon these days,and i would probaraly get locked up.lol.
Ive started wearing my thick wooly jumper over my swandri rannger shirt,this is working well.
But i still lack the over jacket.I found my thighs were cold in surplus combats,a parka would help overcome this...My gaiters work well.Carrying my wool blanket/poncho was good for putting on at campsite,i would still like to get a grey one,ive even seen one made into a good jacket..
Did i enjoy my times out?YES ,i love the desolation of winter and the challenges of the weather..But now at this time of year my eyes and ears are looking for the signs of spring..