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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The arrow

Today most of my day was involved in the making of an arrow..I believe i take more time over one arrow than i do over a whole bow...The arrow represents an extension of myself,my will my intention...If myself falters then my arrow falters,so i must project myself into the arrow when making it..Then when the moment of letting it fly arrows i will be one with it..
i have been making what i call woodland arrows last season,these are arrows that require little range,more stalking and hiding is required and a quick snap shot,sometimes from the waist...
Ive encountered more and more field deer in my area,and testing the two flights over a three over distance ive found the two flight to waver more..so i decided to make some three flights to sit with the two in my quiver. Its always good to be versatile.


Bob Mc said...

In the book “The Witchery Of Archery” by Maurice Thompson, the author spent 3 weeks living and hunting with a Seminole Indian in the Everglades of Florida. Tommy the Indian said, “Any stick make bow. Good arrow heap dam work.”

Le Loup said...

Good one, I have some arrows fletched in the same manner, and they work very well.