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Thursday, 9 December 2010

special thanks.

It always reminds me that the world isnt just full of bad things all the time,sometimes things happen that remind me of the good things,and the good people that are out there..my friend who i have had good contact with through the internet al,(ghost of the woods),sent me my christmas present today,he has took the time to make me a possibles bag on the same model i saw he had,.i said i liked it very much and he offered to make me one..this is the second time al has sent me something..the last gift was my brass tinder box..He also threw in some animal fur and bits..All i can say is thanks al,you are very kind person,i wish you well..


Leigh said...

Thats so Sweet! Nice to have a pal like Al.

John Genis said...

Al is a great guy and so are you Grimbo, Merry Christmas

grimbo said...

cheers john,and merry xmas to you,and your family.

LYNX said...

Yes it is nice to have good friends...

Le Loup said...

Lucky you! I like Al too, he is a good bloke. Pitty the pair of you are so far away.
Wishing you all the best for xmas from down-under.
Regards, Le Loup.

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