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Monday, 18 October 2010

woodland badger and fox bone necklace..

On my journeys i often encounter dead animals.Usually it seems by natural causes. i consider such things as gifts from nature,where others may veer around it i will see what i can find and use.I may use the bones for tools,amulets,toggles etc.Sometimes the carcass of the animal isnt quiet ready and on visiting it,may be described as quiet ripe,at least this leads me or zeus to them.If its winter i will revisit it in spring,if its summer i will check it in the autumn..
This necklace is made up from the bones of a red fox,and a badger i found during the summer,i also added a squirrels jaw bone.I bring the bones home and put them in bleach to clean and whiten them.So next time your out in the wild and you see a dead animal see what you can use from it,and consider yourself gifted from nature..


Bob Mc said...

I have a deer scull and antlers hanging on the wall in my garage. The buck had been killed by a cougar, and my dogs led me to it one winter. It was pretty ripe at the time, so I left it where it was. I passed by there again the next spring and I brought it home as a memento.

grimbo said...

mans best friend..except when you catch them rolling in it.hehe

Foxie Hart said...

I have an antler I found at a festival.. We first found some vertibrae and a jaw... I thought it was a cow as it was on a cattle property, then I found the antler. Now on my alter as a symbol of the Horned God. I was also given a necklace made from the pelvis of a feral cat for Christmas. As the Fox is my guide and totem, I would LOVE to find some fox bones! you are very lucky :) (ps.. I call my boyfriend Badger... Your necklace is doubly awesome)

grimbo said...

if you live in the uk,i can try and send you some..