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Friday, 29 October 2010

dead fall log

I now have a good log for my fig 4 deadfall.scouting around for a suitable fallen log takes time,and unless your willing to cut down a tree to obtain a log,you usually find yourself having to yomp back through the woods with one to your suitable spot,(mother natures not that kind.Also cutting one near your area is disturbing things,something you really should try to avoid..This log is about the right weight for what i need it for.A hunters or trappers rule is usually the log is twice the weight of your intended prey..


Murphyfish said...

Afternoon Grimbo,
Just been watching your clip of the shillelagh and was just curious upon the best way to cure the blackthorn?
Reason for the interest was an incident which happen to me on the trails last week and I'm looking for a little 'reassurance' on the paths. Knowing your blog well you were my first port of call. The incident is documented this week upon my own rambling blog if your interested.

grimbo said...

sorry to hear that m8..A blackthorn is a nasty piece of work..i smeared mine with butter for ages and had it hanging over fires so the smoke cured it..blackthorn can split during the drying process,,ways to cure it from what ive read are,smeared with butter and put up the chimney,or buried in horse manure.the butter one works well..also remember your after a root ball for a shillelagh.mined the thorns they can turn septic very quickly..Traditionally your not meant to cut blackthorn till feb,or you offend the fairys..

Murphyfish said...

Cheers for the info Grimbo, I'll keep the fairys feelings in mind....