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Thursday, 9 September 2010

hunting moon

my good friend kieth reminded me of the old tribes,and the way things were long ago with his hunting moon video.....many years ago tribes came together for the winter,there was a massive hunt,or two,..they stored meat for the coming winter months..the get together was a huge event...On the other side of things,spare a moment or two for the winter trappers who now were making their way into the hills,for a lonely winter of trapping rich fur animals,whos coat was at its prime mid winter time..The moon marks many things in our lives,past and present can be remembered,if only we could throw away our watches...
This time of year i like to check my arrows for straightness,and their fletchings,i oil my bow,and check my snares..i may not be able to hunt as i would like with the bow,but when i know the hunting moon will once more shine at night,i feel this helps me connect to my ancestors,to the earth,and to the ancient animal brothers whos give away to us was a sacred honour,and the hunt was a spiritual connection that is now severed...
I too move to hunting grounds,soon i will spend winter until the sap/birch/crow moon shines,in my winter location.i move with the tides,as of old..


Leigh said...

Aye, not completely severed. Good luck during the new moon. ;)

Le Loup said...

Good post.
Spring here now, very wet.

Bob Mc said...

Hunting seasons just now beginning to open here. Have all winter to look forward to.

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