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Thursday, 26 August 2010


The harvest moon is upon us,mother earth has fulfilled her duty once more.Although sick she still gives birth.I have watched blossoms grow into fruits,the wheat spring to life from seed,and watched it being harvested.The birds now rest their duty done,young fox cubs run around(some alone),risking death by the traffic that runs through their ancient pathways.Many migrant species are making their way to winter feeding grounds,as native nomads did of old.My old teacher the wolf grows his coat and licks his lips in anticipation of the hunt.
It seems that as with our own mothers no matter what we do to our earth mother,no matter how much we ill treat her,she forgives us and continues to love and care for her children.But will she become too sick to do so?Will there be a time when she will not awaken from her winter slumber?A time when she will remain under her snow blanket?
Even if this happened,through out the leafless woodland her gentle voice would still be heard whispering,"im sorry my child"......

Author,grimbo...A wolfbushcraft copyright..

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