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Sunday, 15 August 2010

New binoculars

I find binos very useful when im out and about..It helps me id different roe deer from afar,and of course for any birds.I find them useful in unfamiliar terrain,they give me the ability to work out the contours and gradients of the path ahead,and also help me recce suitable sheltering places.
I have used in the past 10x magnification with a 50mm objective lens,i prefer this size objective lens as most of my time is spent under woodland canopies,and a lot of my movements when looking for deer etc is low light.
These new set i have,ive decided to risk a 20x magnification...with a 50mm objective.
I hoping to be able to use these more in the farm fields,and to be able to id more birds of prey in the sky.In increasing the magnification i now have sacrificed hand stability,and field of vision.But in using them intially ive found the hand stability ok,but ive noticed my field of vision is reduced,This will hamper me if i need to spot a fast flying bird etc,its harder to bring the binos into the field area required.
But i have used a spotting scope in the past,and got used to using that..
20x magnification.
50mm objective lens diameter.
angle of view 2.8 degrees.
field of view at 1000m-49m.
minimum focus distance 3m.

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