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Monday, 19 April 2010

more bits and bobs

well i finally got to making an excuse for a pair of moccasins,it really only a practice at this time,.
i used my left over blanket material for these.
i seemed to have cut one a bit smaller though...but its a start..i may venture onto real leather next time,just need some good materials...well at least i have a pair of slippers for around the camp site or at home...these were designed on the ojibwa woodland indians style of moccasins..
On another note,today i found a very good tree stand..i may spend some time up here and see what passes by...do deer look up?

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Le Loup said...

A good start. I believe some Indians still make centre seam moccasins out of blanket material to wear inside their winter moccasins, they have a name for them that escapes me at present.