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Monday, 26 April 2010


i got round to making some puckered top mocs,out of a leather jacket i got second hand...
the leathers softer than i wanted for the sole,and it was a bit harsh on the feet,especially as my area is chalk downland...so i think im going to wear a trainer inner sole,until i can find me a moose wandering by,then i can make a pair with a harder sole..lol
i was amazed on how much you can feel with mocs,even warmer parts of the earth,and climbing fallen trees is so easy as your toes bend around the limb..they were very silent,i dont think i snapped a single twig under foot,excellent for stalking..


Le Loup said...

Good post, well done.
Regards, Le Loup.

grimbo said...

what do you recommend for an inner sole keith?

Le Loup said...

Inner Sole: Leather. If you can get to an op-shop, see if you can pick up some of those women's shoulder bags. The thickness of the leather varies in these bags, but generally they are excellent for inner or outer soles.

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