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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

heres the roe deer video.


Le Loup said...

Brilliant presentation, pitty the camera does not like those long zoomed in shots. You could always try tieing some white cloth to a stick, I have heard that deer are very inquisitive and might come closer.
I can get close enough to an animal to touch it, but it takes time and is much easier when there is only one animal to watch.
If they look my way I am a tree, small steps so you are rarely caught on one foot!!!
An exciting video, well done.

grimbo said...

thanks keith,ive had deer many times come closer to me,they seem unable to resist there inquisitive nature,i even had my old boxer dog with me once and a buck kept comming closer,i was close enough to see into his eyes,but it was eirey as hisv face really looked like old nick himself,goatie beard an all...
i wish i could spend time with you in the bush,i think we share common ground..
i read tom brown,and alot of his stalking techniques,he says he can touch the animal,something i would love to do..
i must sort out my footwear though..