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Sunday, 28 March 2010

diy tomahawk

an idea that i was inspired by,thanks le loup(woodsrunner)


Le Loup said...

Grimbo, what can I say. Thanks for the mention.
The first one I made about 20 years ago was exactly the same as this one you have made, but it was a full size felling axe and although it worked, I found it a little heavy.
The next one I made I used a hatchet, and I heated the head and hammered it down over the spike on a pick axe. This rounded out the eye and I was able to just drop a tomahawk handle in with no wedge required. It resembles an early German pattern hatchet, and I still have it and use it.
I applaude your effort cutting this head to shape, because I know how much effort it takes.
Well done.
Le Loup.

grimbo said...

thanks,ive always wanted a tommy,could have brought one but when its made or worked on by yourself,it seems more special..

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