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Monday, 14 September 2009


well my computer broke,ive been off line for ages,but now im sitting here with it in bits but working........./
Well what have i been up to..Ive spent alot of the summer tracking and stalking roe deer.i managed to identify families and spent alot of time very near them,i witness bucks chasing bucks out of territories,and was also threatened by a buck early one morning,he was really fired up.good fun..now its all died down and they have all faded...
ive been practicing stalking with a small yew bow,and practiced firing it from sitting kneeling etc,this way seems more realistic to me...ive been foriging,and making acorn coffees,ive also been collecting nettles and willow herb for cordage,something to work on in the winter months...Ive geared down now that the days are shorter,following the way our ancestors showed us...


Perkunas said...

Hey,wellcome back to internet wilderness :)

have you made any bows man?

im plannin on making one,just signed in to a class where they do legal handmade wooden hunting bows,in traditional methods.

grimbo said...

hi,ive not made any new bows for a while,im going to wait until febuary,then im going to cut a good yew sapling,this im going to season for a year,.most of my bows i work them green,i want to see the difrence with the seasoning..

Tim Noble said...

I' looking to buy a nice traditional bow. Any thoughts on where I could buy a top quality made one?

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