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Friday, 26 June 2009

yew 2 ,cows and saxon burial mounds.

Ive been working on my yew stave outlining the rough shape,the grain is good and the blend of sapwood and heartwood could make a very striking bow.
ive started walking along the downs,this area isvery different to what im used to,the weather is felt much more,there is no shelter exept for a few trees here and there.i can visulise plains indians living on exposed areas and what they must have endured...the area i am walking has ancient saxon burial mounds,these have been excavated anda large 6ft 5 saxon chieftan grave was uncovered,these are hard to spot as they just appear as mounds.
parts of the downs have herds of cows roaming freely.
im using a map and compass to navigate around i hope to plot out a good route that i can walk regularly,and hope to see deer,and maybe some good prey birds, and flora and fauna..

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