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Saturday, 6 June 2009

sap and fire carrying...

There i was happily walking along my trials when i decided to stop for my ciggy and tea break,what happens my lighter broke,i always travel light so only had my steel flint and char on me to light fires(my preferrred method),so i looked around for a way to light my roll ups..Its not rained for a while so i was lucky..i salvaged a birch poly pore an old net,king alfred cake,and some burdock leaves,and a couple of elastic bands..i lit my char,blew it onto the polypore and hey presto a smouldering ciggarette lighter,wrapped up in green leaves to stop it burning too quickly ,put in the net and tucked under my belt,and i was off.So there you have a woodsmans ciggy lighter..luckly no one asked me for a light.he.he..

I always see cherry birch sap oozing out from damaged trees,ive experimented with it to see if i could light it etc,but no luck.Any way asking around i found it has wound healing properties and has been used for many years..i got some and put it on a cut and it actually dries like second skin,forming a natural salve to protect an open wound..I also can see it being used to fletch an arrow,just run the sticky sap down the shaft and it would hold/not stick the feathers on while you tie them..its worth grabbing some and put it in your kit/medicine bag.It dries hard and non sticky,just put it in hot water when you want to use it..

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