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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

pagan alter

i love nature,and i also have a special relationship with it.,i blend my nature with the intention of respect and honour to all living things,and of our ancestors long ago...i rebuild things and change them alot,change is a good thing..today i rebuilt my alter,its nice to have one of these in a special place,you dont have to be a new ager etc,its just a nice symbolismn of nature,put on it what you want,make it special,every new or full moon light a candle on it,make it yours,its a good way to give back what we take...


Albert A Rasch said...

That's a great custom! it's used by many cultures for many reasons, most of them very similar.

It can be as simple as you want, or as elaborate as you desire.

Best regards,
We build a Pirogue!

Pablo said...

Hi mate. Just checking in. Enjoying your blogs and vids as always. I like this post. As Albert said, a great custom.

grimbo said...

thanks pablo,its good to see others who sense and share the complete side of nature...

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