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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

possibility filter

in todays times i see so much rubbish lying around some things i see i wonder how it gets there,my wierdiest being a bath in the middle of nowhere..but rubbish can be usefu so i salvaged bits and pieces and came up with a water filter,it works very well,even the charcoal i found in an old campfire,..

ive been toying with pouches to use as a possible pouch,ive been using one but its not that strong nor that rigid..so im using my old buckskin pouch again,its not massive and will hold the things i use out there,(not a survival pouch) i dont need one...its contants are as follows...firesteel,char cloth, flint,piriton,paracetamols,salve,hand fishing line with large hooks,and smaller hooks with trace,a piece of polypore birch tinder that i can cut up for plasters,and a tampon if i get a nasty cut..

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