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Sunday, 29 August 2010


The surface of the earth is like a giant book,with the pages changing every second..
Some are obvious some, so slight that we could miss them in a blink of an eye.
Many hunter gatherers are masters at reading the earth,another memory we all hold,but now forgotten.
Sometimes the pages are easy to find,for instance the two game trails above,but even so the infomation on these pages may be hard still to read.Its obvious from the tracks,that there were deer here,dogs,man,and a tractor at some point,but going deeper into the book will give you the whole picture,and help you piece together what occured here..The page will tell you what was there first,was it the deer,man or tractor or dog.By learning to read age signs,and overlay patterns you will be able to piece together vital info,For instance if the deer were on this track before the tractor,did the noise and sight of such a monster cause them to flee?or did the dog give chase?A look a the slots will tell you if they did,Ask yourself has the width length of the slots changed?Are they deeper?Is there chaos within the slot?
Or are they constant all around,no change in stride etc..?When you have made your conclusion from what you have read,you must now put aside the book for a while,And become the deer,if you were going to flee from here,where would you go?You like the deer know your territory,you know every opening in the woods edge that surrounds the field,you know where to run,to hide,to be safe.But we read the slots are constant,no change,they were there after the tractor and the man and the dog,they were made in the evening,they point to area you know well,the pine wooods will be a comfortable bedding area for them,here they will chew the cud,as they have done many times before...Your eyes scan the ground ahead,you now have turned the page,the deer have more of the story to tell..............

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Le Loup said...

Good post, I love reading sign. Sometimes it can be very important, such as when there are wild boar in the area(!), and how big they are! But I always find it interesting to read what has passed that way and what has been happening.